Social Fund Contact Number – 0843 487 1824

Social Fund contact numberThe Social Fund is a government initiative that is available to those people who are on a low income and do not have any savings. The Social Fund helpline is there to help pay for one-off expenses or any emergency bills. Anybody who would like help from the Social Fund would need to meet certain criteria in order to be granted money. There are quite a lot of reasons why people use the Social Fund contact number in order to get a help with any expenses.

Reasons to Contact The Social Fund

The Social Fund is run by the Department of Work and Pensions and it will usually give for a different reasons a person or a family might require money.

New Parents

One of the reasons to use the Social Fund helpline is when you have a new baby and require help with buying items. The baby can be a newborn or just recently adopted. During an interview, it will be possible to see if the new parent is able to obtain a Sure Start maternity grant or other benefits.

Recent Death

The Social Fund can also help when there is a recent death in your family. The fund is available in those cases when there is a bereavement and there are bills to pay. People in this situation can claim for a payment to help cover burial and funeral expenses.

Social Fund contact numberWinter Heating

People can use the Social Fund phone number during the winter months. The fund is ideal for those people who do not have enough to pay for winter heating. There is a special benefit known as Cold Weather Payments that is available to those who have reached pension age. People can get also get a Winter Fuel Payment that is a one-off from the Social Fund, regardless of age.

Keep in mind that the money given out is means tested when anyone uses the Social Fund contact number. An application to Social Fund would reveal if a person qualifies before the money is approved. The information is also available at the Job Centre to apply for the Social Fund. However, call the Social Fund phone number if you have any further queries.