Crisis Loan – 0843 487 1824

Social Fund Crisis LoanCrisis loan are interest free loans, paid through job centres, as part of the social fund, to cover an emergency or disaster. It is available to those above 16 years of age, facing an emergency to their self or immediate family member, who are without enough money to meet the immediate short term cash requirements that the emergency demands, and who are likely to suffer serious damage without the cash. The Social Fund phone number team manage this service.

For What Purposes May Crisis Loans be given?

The crisis loan may be used to meet daily living expenses, cover board/lodging or hostel accommodation charges, make rent advances, travel expenses (if stranded away from home), purchase household items, and make good debt for this purpose. It may also be used to replace clothing and household items in the eventuality of a floor or fire, or to pay advance to a landlord when moving accommodation on being awarded a Community Care Grant.

Limits and Eligibility

There is no set amount for a Crisis Loan, and the amount eligible depends on individual circumstances of the emergency, any loans already availed from the Social Funds, and any personal savings. The average loan size is in the range of £50. The loan is not disbursed to the borrower in cash, but rather paid directly to the building society, to the entity offering the service to the borrower, or to a bank account.

As of now, Crisis Loans are available only in Northern Ireland. It is not possible to apply for new Crisis Loan in England, Scotland, or Wales. Existing borrowers remain liable to repay the amounts they have already borrowed under this scheme.


It is necessary to agree to an affordable repayment plan with an adviser at the Jobs and Benefits / Social Security office, before the loan is approved. If the borrower is on benefits, the repayment amount is usually deducted from the benefit payouts.

A Crisis Loan is not deemed as income and do not affect any other benefits, and nor it is necessary to be on benefits to avail this loan.

How to Apply

To apply for a Crisis Loan, contact the local Jobs and Benefits / Social Security office, and fill up an application form. The form may be downloaded from the website and submitted to the office. 

It is possible to apply by phone, at 0843 487 1824 The applicant may still have to attend an interview in person, with the social fund officer, at the local Jobs and Benefits / Social Security office, in certain circumstances.