Social Fund FAQ

Social Fund FAQThe Social Fund involves a variety of benefits designed to help people who may be in need of financial support. Here are answers to some of the most common FAQs asked of the Social Fund number customer service team. 

Who Is Eligible To Receive Support From The Social Fund?

The Social Fund is designed to help people through a one-off payment in five ways. These are a Budgeting Loan, Sure Start Maternity Grants, Funeral Payments, Cold Weather Payments, and Winter Fuel Payments. Anyone who is on any of these benefits will need to have been on at least one of them for a minimum period of 26 weeks, before they are considered eligible for a Social Fund payment. A Budgeting Loan is available to people who have been on a number of benefits, including Income Support, Pension Credit, income-related Employment and Support Allowance, and income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance. This interest-free loan is aimed at helping people spread one-off expenses, which can range from buying clothes to paying off debts. 

What Is A Sure Start Maternity Grant? 

This helps to pay for items if you have just had a baby, and you are receiving either the relevant benefit or tax credit. There is usually a one-off payment of £500, but can be more if there is more than one baby in the family home. The grant doesn’t need to be paid back. 

How Much Can I Receive Towards Funeral Expenses?

If you cannot pay for a funeral, and you qualify, then you will be offered up to £700 towards the funeral expenses. This means, however, that all funeral expenses will not be covered by support through the social fund. The money given through the Social Fund will, if applicable, be recoverable by way of the deceased person’s estate.

How Are Decisions Determined?

At Jobcentre Plus someone will decide whether you are entitled to support through the Social Fund. Secretary of State guidelines are followed by a Jobcentre Plus employee to determine eligibility. 

What Can I Do If I Am Refused Social Fund Help? 

If you haven’t been granted help through the social fund you can decide to have the decision reviewed. You will need to write to your local Jobcentre Plus within 28 days of your receiving the original decision letter. 

These are some of the more obvious Social Fund FAQ, and it should be noted that money received through a Budgeting Loan will have to be paid back.